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Synchronized Fitness

Training. Nutrition. Mindfulness.

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My mission is for all my clients to develop a healthy lifestyle. Overall wellness involves a combination of training, nutrition, & mindfulness. My purpose is to help drive individual confidence in making the right decisions to get in synch with your health. I am committed to helping my clients reach their unique goals. Together we will create a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained for years to come.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, I am ready to stand alongside you as we reach your goals together. 


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"I asked Laura to work with me on my core. We have been together for 6 weeks now and I'm noticing results. She has not only been working on my core but she has revamped my total weight lifting program. In six weeks, without diet, I've lost 14 pounds and 2 to 3 inches off my waist. Deciding to work with Laura was the best gift I could have given myself and can't wait to see where she takes me!" 6-month update: Steve is down 35 lbs and counting! 

Steve R.

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"I’ve been working with Laura for approximately three months. She’s helped me to understand the basics of nutrition, and how there is truly a direct correlation between my nutrition and my training. Her nutrition guide was personalized for me and helped break down what can feel like such a huge undertaking, into something easy to understand and implement in my daily life."

Andrew Y.


"I cannot believe I saw these results from the 4 week program. Laura encouraged me to take transformation pictures, and although I was uncertain at first, I am so happy I did. I am excited to continue working with her and feeling my best. Not only did I see physical changes, but I have never been more motivated & energized."

Karie L.

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"I didn’t even realize until working with Laura how important nutrition/fitness/mental health are and how they all feed off of each other. The experiences I had with Laura are what made me feel completely comfortable working one on one with her. One thing I had always been nervous about, and what had discouraged me from working with other personal trainers, was a feeling of inadequacy or embarrassment to struggle through the workouts in front of them. With Laura, I felt nothing but excitement, support, and hype."

Carly J.

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